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About Jen...

I live for moments. I cry during every daddy-daughter dance at a wedding and I cry even bigger tears when a mama holds her new infant for the first time. Having the honor to capture those moments makes my career even more than what I could imagine it to be.

When I'm behind the camera I prefer the flow of letting the session take it's own course. Direction is one thing, but when you're caught in the moment, THAT is what makes the photo. I want to capture your moments and the goal for me is to become your photographer for life.


Other than loving what I do for almost 10 years, I am addicted to coffee, cupcakes, and my puppy. I am married to the love of my life, a stepmom to the most awesome girl, and a mama to the most precious little boy. I look for joy in all things that come my way and I couldn't imagine my life being any different than what it is now. I love my life story and I would be so honored to hear yours. Maybe even capture it!


Photo Cred to the amazing Chasing Galilee Photography. 

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(If you would like to know more about Boudoir or birth photography please contact me.)


An ordinary moment can be quite magical...

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